Stirling Residences – The New Icon in Queenstown

Stirling Residences – The New Icon in Queenstown

Every single year without fail, smart and savvy real estate investors looked for development projects that will become a pearl in their own crown! If you are an ambitious property investor looking for a home in Singapore, Stirling Residences will surely impress you with their beautiful showflat in Queenstown.

In the year 2017, something big hit the local property news headline in Singapore. A winning bid that changed history at Stirling Road Queenstown. Yes, you read it right. One of Singapore’s most expensive residential projects was initiated and today it is prepared for the eagerly waiting investors.

The bid for the huge land site was won by Logan Property and Nanshan Group (a 50-50 joint venture). The winning bid was priced at slightly more than 1 billion Singapore dollars. Till date, this is the highest price bid made for a 100% residential development project. So, are you prepared to learn more about this stunning property class? If yes, keep reading.

About Stirling Residences

As mentioned previously, this is a residential development project. It features 1250+ condo units. The entire plot spans across 21,000 square meters. Investors and home hunters can choose from five different types of layout config. Known as 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom apartments. Each unit is designed with luxury style and space in mind for the new residents. Indeed, this is one of the most luxurious residential development projects in Queenstown by far. Whether you are space hungry or location focused, you have it all here.

An Iconic Location

What makes Stirling Residences special will be its location. When it comes to property purchases in Singapore, Queenstown tops the list among all when public housing flats was sold at more than a million-dollar in the neighbourhood recently. As suggested by its name, Queenstown is considered as the queen for real estate ventures in the city.

You have several stunning residential projects to choose from and this new project is not an exception. This condo development gives the town a new edge. It will be an iconic establishment in the surrounding region by featuring a modern design, trendy architectural cuts and a state of the art apartments. The project was carefully designed to impress both the young and the old and it will blend seamlessly with the Singapore City Skyline. This gives you a clear picture of how majestic and magnificent this development is. Undeniably, the developers of this project have gone beyond traditional boundaries.

Why Stirling Residences

Everyone dreams of returning to a home that is pleasant and comforting. Home seekers looked for properties where they can rediscover themselves. This is what ‘Stirling Residences’ promises. As you step inside these premium condominiums, you will experience a new way of life. Each apartment is overwhelmed with extra space and numerous communal facilities.

Couples and extended families looking for quality moments will be delighted here. This project comes with swimming pools, green pockets, gyms and plenty of landscaping options. Above all, you will have a beautiful view of the Southern Waterfront City and the City Skyline. These are features you must not miss in this project.

In and around Stirling Residences

The talk about these blockbusters new launch in 2018 will be incomplete without the nearby amenities. The project is neatly nestled inside Queenstown and it is within proximity to everything a family requires (shopping, transportation, healthcare and local gourmet options). All at an affordable price tag now!

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