How do people become millionaires in real estate so quickly without very much money to start?

In a word “leverage” and “risk”.

Leverage is the art of investing using other people’s money. In a nutshell:

  • Say you buy a distressed property for $1,000,000. You use $250,000 of your own money and borrow the other $750,000 from bank.
  • Three years later, you sell the property for $1,200,000. You pay off, let’s say, about $27,000 in interest. You get $173,000 for your $250,000 investment. Nice. You have “leveraged” your investment – a profit of over 70% even though the underlying asset only went up 16%.

The other side is “risk”. You may have put up $250,000, but that wasn’t your “risk”. Let’s say the property only sold for the same amount $1,000,000. So, you earn nothing, plus the $27,000 in interest, and you still owe the bank $730,000. Congratulations! You did not lose anything in fact, you get back $250,000 your original investment plus $20,000 your paid up instalment. Even though the underlying asset did not went up, if you have tenant paying you $3000 every month for the past 3 years. You already made $60,000 after minus off your $27,000 interest. This is like a force savings plan for you.

However, if the value of the underlying assets goes down, you do very poorly.

So, yes, a lot of people can make huge amounts of money as long as conditions hold out. If they get the right advise from the right real estate consultants like Khai Rambo

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