If You’re Eyeing Queenstown’s New Landmark Along Stirling Road

Stirling Residences is a significant milestone of Longan Property and Nanshan Group. Founded in the 1990s, Longan Property is known for its stunning architecture and residential projects for both investors and sophisticated homebuyers. The bid for Stirling road land parcel was won in 2017 and project developers are keen on providing a better option for investors, young couples and families.

The overall strength and value of this project are well-established. The residential project is located in Queenstown, which is home to many high-quality apartment buildings. In the past few years, Queenstown has changed the way people live and work in Singapore. Therefore, this blockbuster development will be a terrific addition to the neighborhood in 2018.

What is it all about?

By definition, Stirling Residences is a new condo project at Stirling Road. This is one of District 03’s largest and most famous residential development. The skyscraper condominium is designed with 1,2,3,4 and 5 bedroom apartments. In recent years, the demand for skyline apartments has increased significantly within the region and it will be the answer to ambitious investors, families and couples. By the end of 2020, Stirling Residences will be one of the best and finest condo development in the region.

The New Landmark in Queenstown

It is strongly believed that Stirling Residences will be the new icon and a memorable landmark in Queenstown. The condominium is designed with a never tried before idea with modern twist approach. The residential facade will leave you awestruck when it is completed. According to the developers, the project is meant to maximize space utilization and to impress homestayers.

Singapore is a dense urban country that requires more “space” and this is what Nanshan & Logan Property promises. At first glance, you will see the stunning tower blending with the far horizon of Singapore’s City Skyline. This will give you a clear picture of the boundaries extended by this project. After all, wouldn’t you want to see the Skyline every morning and say “yes” to a brand new day?

The Location of Stirling Residences

As mentioned earlier, it will be in District 03 of Singapore Central Region. This places the residential project close to many convenient destinations. You will be in proximity to many shopping malls, Central Business District and the City Centre. Doesn’t this sound wonderful? Few other exciting venues around Stirling Residences will be One-North, Holland Village, Tiong Bahru and Alexandra.

These are the few hotspots in the central region. By residing within Queenstown, you won’t lack anything within easy reach. It will give you a brand new lifestyle, where everything is perfect and convenient. When it comes to shopping and local gourmet, you will be spoilt with options.

The Importance of Educational Facilities in the Neighbourhood

There is a reason why Longan Property and Nanshan Group bided for this piece of land and with a cool billion dollar at stake. Stirling Residences strategic locale is surrounded with good educational facilities to begin with. Be it a junior school or a college, you have plenty of choices to pick from. The World-Class National University of Singapore (NUS) will also be near your beautiful home to end the schooling journey. So, parents, wouldn’t you consider this residential project a great investment?

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