How risky is to sell your home without engaging Khai Rambo or any agents?

Well, you can certainly sell your home yourself. Yet the home is usually the biggest single investment for most folks – the pro’s and cons should be very seriously weighed in before taking the leap of marketing a home by an owner. However, if you want to reach out to net the best return on your investment – it makes total sense to market a home through a realtor. The risks are certainly there in the way of inviting strangers into your home, and they are not qualified to even buy it. According to a study

  • 87% sold with the assistance of a Real Estate Agent
  • 5% sold privately to someone already known to them
  • 8% for sale by owner

Of course, the primary reason is to ‘save commission’. Yet when you factor in the MLS higher market appealing to more buyers than the FSBO can reach – the commission is offset by a higher rate of return when going thru an agent.

Risks are many, and agents are insured for Errors & Ommissions Insurance – – the FSBO is not! How good are you at negotiation, contract clauses that are not ambiguous? Do you know the difference between a chattel & fixture – representation vs warranty?? Oh, you say you’ll let your lawyer draw up the offer and negotiate for you, well – he will charge a fee too. Some brokerages offer just a flat fee for service and then you run into the same problem, as you will still have to be available, give out your home phone – be there for all appointments, give out your email and FSBO’s should be prepared to field all sort of questions, any time of day OR night and even after the sale of the home.

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