Has Singapore property bottomed out?

In Khai Rambo humble opinion, he said yes.

The reason why Rambo say so is because of the market activities.

Price and value of things are driven by belief and actions of people who are involved in it.

Like how we treat a piece of paper which cost less than 5 cent to print, we call that piece of paper money when it is just a kind of currency.

What I’m trying to illustrate is the herd mentality that controls the market.

Singapore’s property price is driven by mainly 3 factors.

  1. The herd mentality of property buyers.
  2. Demand that is caused by fundamental transformation, such as the Jurong Lake District and Woodlands Regional Centre transformation.
  3. Developer’s activities in terms of bidding.

When you take a close look at this 3 thing, you will understand why property price in Singapore will keep rising.

The landscape is ever changing because of the zoning and the plans that’s being determined by government’s policy.

Properties that are located in area that wasn’t being paid attention to in the past will suddenly rise up in demand because of such changes.

Property buyers usually buy the same area because of the herd mentality and that results in growth of price.

It is hard to say whether the price of property is bottoming out, however my suspect is yes, because the price can’t drop anymore, and no more cooling measures can be implemented too.

Property price has dropped for the past 13 quarters, and now it is making a rebound.

And prices of ew home sales will definitely rise, the reason why I say so is because just 2 days back, a developer bought a piece of land at S$1.006B, and that is a record breaking quantum for a piece of land!

It is also being paid at a premium as well!

And not only that, recent bidding activities for land has been rather frenzy!

I was a really active property agent during 2016 to present, handling more than 100 units of new home sales, and personally

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