Stirling Residences – New condo in Queenstown

The age-old debate: is your home an investment or an asset?

In layman terms: your home can earn money or not, or is it just nice to stay in?

But ditch the ‘or’. Maybe someone told you that adulthood requires compromise, but this is one case where you’ll get the best of both worlds. Move your property-buying radar to Queenstown and zoom in to new condo Stirling Residences, which could be a pot of gold if you play your cards right.

Here’re a few reasons why this private property is marriage material – it gets better with time.

1. It’s in a central neighbourhood and is near the MRT

Location, location, location. There goes the chant of property agents when they tell you what fetches top dollar through the years. Sure, according to LTA, eight out of ten homes will be less than 10 minutes to a MRT station by 2030, but few of us can resist the siren call of a home near the MRT right now.

Stirling Residences is found in coveted Queenstown, the land of $1.1 million HDB flats. And, it’s just a 3 minutes walk from the MRT. Despite that, it’s quiet and away from roads, and yet boasts many amenities.

Hammock Garden – the ultimate chill spot

Imagine can’t deciding where to go for breakfast: Meiling Market, ABC Brickworks or Alexandra Village. Dropping off your kids at nearby schools like Queenstown Primary or Gan Eng Seng Primary. Or shopping at Queensway shopping centre, Anchorpoint, Dawson Place and even our furniture fave – IKEA Alexandra.

2.Close to business districts like the CBD, Mapletree and one-north

Besides having a prestigious postal code, Stirling Residences is also a winner in the eyes of investors due to its proximity to business hubs.

Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place MRT stations are around a 10-minute cab ride away, Mapletree Business City’sjust 7 minutes away and for Buona Vista – a mere 5. That not only means convenience for all the corporate slavesgo-getting professionals or expats, but it’s also a boon for the savvy – rent out your rooms to make a pretty penny if you don’t use your space much.

3 Top-notch facilities like pools and roof gardens

Stirling not only impresses on the outside – its inner beauty is pretty stunning, too, with a mind boggling 80 facilities. And you thought one pool and gym was sweet.

To help you picture that #condolife, here’s what a typical morning could look like:

6AM: You wake up and swim a lap or two in the 50-metre swimming pool…

Main pool

…Or the 7 other pools.

 Spa Pavilion

7AM: Burn more calories by pretending to be Federer or Sharapova at a tennis court.

8AM: Cool down with a stroll among the 20 sky terraces and roof gardens that could convincingly pass off as MacRitchie Reservoir.

10AM: After breakfast, drop your kid at the in-house childcare centre. You tell the concierge to greet your mother-in-law who’s popping by to visit the children while you troop off to work.

With so many amenities, I take back what I said about the ‘5C’s being outdated. This is one ‘C’ I can see myself having.

4. Affordable prices with potential for high rental income

This is probably a more solid investment than your World Cup betting. Now, disclaimer – nobody can guarantee 100% accuracy on spotting investment trends (except maybe Warren Buffet), but some factors do paint a promising picture.

Take the relatively affordable entry point for its stellar location. Here, gorgeous spaces like this go for below 1 million – a rarity in such a central area:

BBQ Pavilion for gatherings with your friends and family!

And that reasonable entry point means that the value of your flat can still leap exponentially over the years.

Besides, condos like these can command rental from the start, unlike HDB flats which usually require a 5-year stay first. Factor in security, amenities and proximity to town – we bet it’ll be popular with well-to-do expats and business folk in future. Ka-ching.

5. Faces a good direction with elevated and unblocked sea views

You might know that houses facing West get the brunt of the evening sun. Thankfully, Stirling Residences is North-South so it’s airy and cool all day.

It also boasts unobstructed views of the glittering sea and lush greenery from stories up:

We’re sure future buyers or tenants would pay top dollar for this sorta view.

Investing for the future

You don’t have to be super rich or super savvy to think of investment potential in property. After doing research on trends, and making sure you can afford it, getting a condo like Stirling Residences in such a prime area could well pay off handsomely in a few years.

After all, after plonking that much money on a home, it’s best to think beyond, “oh, this place looks nice” and consider the bigger picture.

So, if you wanna find out for yourself if Stirling Residences could fit into your life plans – and ask zillion of house-buying questions – do drop by the showroom here.

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